"...These guys are simply amazing! ...... We are still getting so many compliments from our guests on how awesome the band was."


     The Last Nites deliver an unforgettable and genuine musical experience every time they perform together. This is because they are a tight-knit group that loves what they do. They bring so much more spark to the table is than most wedding entertainment acts, because they strive to play your favorite songs as if they were their own. When the end of the night eventually comes, The Last Nites will leave you and your guests screaming for more. 


     The members of the group are a uniquely talented ensemble of musicians coming from three boroughs of New York City, playing timeless and versatile party music for any occasion. Their effortless mix of songs pulled from a diverse spectrum of dance genres, from Motown, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, soul, modern hits, oldies, new wave, indie, classic rock and timeless country, impress the ears as they animate the dance floor. Every tune is turbo charged with a tight and effortless rhythm section, one of NYC’s hottest horn sections, and the undeniable talent of singers Rachel Galvaletz and Waylan Daniel. You will be dazzled by their ability to entertain each and every last member of your audience with their deep catalog of music.


     The uniqueness of The Last Nites lay in their genuine love for the music. This band is a priority in the lives of the group’s members, and they bring passion and energy to every show they play. Whether they need to provide background music for cocktail hour, lighter numbers for dinner, or an all out dance party until the end of the night, they have the ears and the musical tastes to make each moment the right song for the right situation.